Strategy to Get Paid to Play World of Warcraft or Any Other Game

Here is the strategy I use to get paid to play World of Warcraft. It will work for any game, offline or online, doesn’t matter. Trust me, once that first check comes in because you helped someone else to play a game better… you’ll be hooked!Let’s get right to it with what you need:YouTube Account
ClickBank Account (I said you’d get paid to play and this is how!)
Fraps or other recording software (video camera if offline)
Microphone (if doing voice overs)
Windows Movie Maker or other editing software (Microsoft build in product for Windows)For the YouTube account, use a name that has some meaning for players of the game. When creating the videos, focus on great content which is useful in some aspect of the game, and in particular, show yourself playing and succeeding with this strategy. Once you have edited the video create a voice over for it in windows movie maker, or whatever software you are using, and then publish it in HD quality if possible.Now publish to YouTube and add the following information to your video:Tags which accurately represent the subject areas covered in the video and which are incorporated into the title.
A description box which has a link in it to a ClickBank product which is a guide to the game in question.Regarding the link to a ClickBank product, make sure that you have that link at the top of your description field or else many watchers of the video may not see it. This is how you will get paid to play World of Warcraft, so don’t mess this part up!The best way to get views to your video is through sending it as video responses to other videos of similar content. Another method is to pay for promoted videos, I suggest 1 cent per click since YouTube has so little competition that it will still guarantee that you get a lot of views even at that price.